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  • 26 April 2021
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Good Afternoon from New Jersey ! 


I am looking to use zap to automate the remaining workflow items that does not have integrations for. Below are the different apps I am looking to use and have zaps set up to send information back to since we are trying to get everything to work out of that one place. 


-When phone interviews are scheduled on calendly, have calendly update the correct item in Monday and update the phone interivew date/time column correctly

Google Calendar:

-Have new events in our google calendar be added to our events board in 

At this moment those are the first two zaps I am looking to create and every time I have tried and tested them they are failing. I made into “developer mode” and have properly connected all my apps to create the necessary zaps. 


Any help from anyone familiar with creating zaps that create/update items in would be a huge help! 


Thanks in advance!



     Ron Marvo 


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3 replies

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Hi @marvolous_ron 

Unless the Monday Item ID is provided from the Calendly trigger, you’ll likely need to leverage the Monday API.

Webhooks app steps in a Zap can be used to leverage an app’s API:


  • Using app APIs is a more advanced approach as it involved technical concepts.
  • The Monday API uses GraphQL which is a bit different than other APIs and thus adds some complexity to working with it.
  • From experience the Monday Zap app integration is not the most friendly to work with for these reason.
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Hey @marvolous_ron, hope you’re well, I just wanted to check in here!

Were you able to get things working with the info provided by Troy, or can we still help here?

For Calendly, it is not currently possible to find and item on a board via the Monday API.

I believe they are actively working on implementing this functionality now. I’ve added you to the feature request we have filed with Monday, that way we can alert you ASAP if they implement a Find Pulse/Item action.

That said, if you track the Item IDs and interviewees email on a spreadsheet like Google Sheets, you could try a zap like this:

  1. Trigger: Calendly - Invitee Created
  2. Action: Google Sheets - Find Spreadsheet Row - Search for the invitees email to return the Item ID for Monday.
  3. Action: Monday - Update Item Phone Column Value - Set the Item ID from Step 2 as the Item to be updated here.

For Google Calendar, I believe this should be possible out of the box with our Google Calendar and Monday integrations.

You could try a zap like this:

  1. Trigger: Google Calendar - New Event
  2. Action: Monday - Create Item

You could even add a Google Sheets - Create Spreadsheet Row if you wanted to track those item details on a sheet for use in an Update Item zap like the Calendly zap.

Can you check out these potential zaps and if there are any issues, send over a few details of the trouble.

Note: Monday does require the Column Values for an item be provided as JSON. If you need assistance with the JSON formatting they require, their support team would likely have the best insight on the particular JSON needed for your items. The JSON required would likely be unique to your specific use case.


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Hey folks! 👋

Just wanted to share a quick (belated) update for anyone that comes across this topic to let y’all know that the feature request mentioned here was since implemented. It’s possible to find items in using the “Get Item by Column Value” Monday Action now:

Hope that helps! 😁