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Is it possible to turn a Zap OFF after a zap has been completed?

  • 22 December 2022
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I was wondering if there was a way to add an action step for the Zap to turn OFF once a Zap reaches it’s “final” step?

For instance, we have a Zap that is scheduled each week to lookup rows in Google Sheet, looped, and then sends an email. After the Zap reaches that last step of sending the email, is it possible to add an action afterwards to turn OFF the Zap? Or do I have to create a separate Zap to schedule it? I’m just trying to avoid having to create additional Zaps if I don’t need to. Thanks for your help!


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5 replies

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Hi @amybrocious 

Good question.

Zaps that are ON will only trigger when the trigger step is invoked.

So if you have a Zap that triggers from a schedule, then the Zap will only run when the schedule conditions are met.

Not sure I understand the need for your requirement to turn the Zap OFF after it executes, especially if you want the Zap to run again the next month.

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Hi @amybrocious 


you can use Zapier Manager as an Action to turn off the zap. However, how are you going to turn it back on next time you want it to run? 


Please give us more context to be able to help you. 


Because since the Zap is already on a schedule, it will not trigger till next month, so I dont see the issue?

So I currently have an email reminder internally to our team that is scheduled every week on Wednesday at 1pm, however it was only meant to last for 4 weeks and then it will no longer be needed. Unless there is a better way that I should’ve set up this Zap up? 


And since I won’t be around to turn the Zap off manually, was just trying to find a different solution to having it turned off automatically while I’m away. Hope this makes sense!

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Hi @amybrocious 

You can configure another Zap using Schedule and Zapier Manager:


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Hi @amybrocious, hope you’re having an awesome day. Just wanted to check in and see if you were successful in turning this zap off? Let me know if you have any additional questions 😆