How to generate the daily article, and post on Linkedin

  • 8 January 2023
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The current approach is using an open API key and integrating with zapier schedule and Linkedin, but my point is Content URL. How if the post is a daily build, and I can fill in the unique URL in advance

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4 replies

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Hi @JC_princess, welcome to the Community!

Am I correct in thinking that you’re using OpenAI to write an article and want to use Zapier to post that as a post on Linkedin? 

Could you share a screenshot of the Linkedin step in your Zap so we can see what you currently have? It would also be helpful to see the output of the Open AI fields so we can see the information that you have there. Don’t forget to remove or obscure any personal or private information in any screenshot you share in the community (eg full name, email address, etc).



@Danvers thanks for the reply. yes, correct, my requirement is using OpenAI to write an article and want to use Zapier to post that as a post on Linkedin.


Here is my screenshot:

  1. choose app and event.
    looks like only can choose create share update (2)


  1. Setup action
  1. Currently, i think the error is i need to put a content url here...

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Hi @JC_princess!

In order to post CONTENT to your LinkedIn update, you need to link to an article or page on an external website. So, for example, you might add a step between your Webhook and LinkedIn steps to create a new Wordpress post and then use the URL for that post as the Content URL in your LinkedIn step.

If you’re just wanting to post the entirety of the AI article as a status update in your LinkedIn account, you should use the “Choices Text” that is currently in your “Content Description” field and then erase the data from all of the fields that start with “Content”.

It’s worth noting that the way you currently have your fields set up, you would end up with a post that looks like this (obviously, the ellipses in the Content description would be expanded), and I’m guessing this is not what you’re going for:


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Hi there @JC_princess - looks like you got some pretty thorough replies from our team and Zapier Expert Todd, so I’m just checking in to see if you were able to connect another webpage such as Wordpress as your source for content, or if you were trying to just add the description as Todd was talking through above. Either way let us know, and we’re here to help.


Best- Rachael