How to extract color coded meetings out of Google Calendar?

  • 4 January 2022
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I am trying to extract the color coded meetings out of Goggle Calendar into Google Sheets. Under the colorID field I am not sure what to select that would give me the correct color codes? 

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7 replies

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Hi @Dawnee 

Please post screenshots with where you are referencing in your Zap step configuration, thanks.



Under Color ID I don’t know which item to select that would pull the color codes from Google Calendar?

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Is there another data point from the Zap trigger that would tell you which color it is?
Unless there is a returned data point from the Zap trigger that indicates the Color ID you are seeking, you may have to instead use a Lookup Table as a Zap step:

So I’m following the steps but still don’t know what would be the Lookup Key? What’s the lookup table?

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The concept of a Lookup Table is to translate 1 value to another value.



Red | 1

Green | 2

Blue | 3


But that depends on having some value to use as the input.