How to extract color coded meetings out of Google Calendar?

  • 4 January 2022
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I am trying to extract the color coded meetings out of Goggle Calendar into Google Sheets. Under the colorID field I am not sure what to select that would give me the correct color codes? 

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7 replies

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The concept of a Lookup Table is to translate 1 value to another value.



Red | 1

Green | 2

Blue | 3


But that depends on having some value to use as the input.

So I’m following the steps but still don’t know what would be the Lookup Key? What’s the lookup table?

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Is there another data point from the Zap trigger that would tell you which color it is?
Unless there is a returned data point from the Zap trigger that indicates the Color ID you are seeking, you may have to instead use a Lookup Table as a Zap step:

Under Color ID I don’t know which item to select that would pull the color codes from Google Calendar?



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Hi @Dawnee 

Please post screenshots with where you are referencing in your Zap step configuration, thanks.