How do I create an approval workflow for a Typeform with multiple approvers?

  • 29 August 2023
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I am trying to create an approval workflow for a Typeform where someone can fill out a form and based on an answer to a multiple choice question, it will be directed to a specific individual to approve it, and then a final approver for the form.  In this case approving the form is just adding your name and date on the appropriate page.  I want the first approver to fill out information on the first six pages, then the second approver to see the results and approve on page seven, and the final approver will see the results of the first seven pages and approve on page eight.  

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5 replies

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Hi @Seth 

Good question.

Can you post screenshots so we have a better understanding of what you mean by the different pages?

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We have some general [help on how to set up approval workflows here:

@Troy Tessalone I’ll attach a quick workflow diagram of what I’m looking for.  My Typeform is eight pages.  The requester fills out the first six, then the appropriate supervisor fills out the seventh, and the department head approves the eighth page.  


@shalgrim Thanks for the link.  I will take a look.

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Wondering if this makes more sense as an esign vs a form.

Esign can have different roles assigned to fill in different fields.

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Something like Content Snare might be better suited as well: