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  • 21 May 2023
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I am new here, on this page:

It says discontinued.

How to do the following flow now with tables and interfaces.

When a field in a zapier table is updated
An email is sent containing 5-6 fields
The worker/employee reads the data and clicks APPROVE in the email
Flow continues

Above is the basic flow, I just need some form of UI that shows the selected data and a button
Can be via email, google chat, web etc

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Hi@Fasani, welcome to the Community!

You can absolutely do what you described above with tables and interfaces. To give you an overview, you would create a Zapier table with the information that you need and a button that you push to send the email. The email would be sent to the employee and include a link to a Zapier interface. The interface will have a checkbox for them to tick and confirm that they have read the information. You can then set up a Zap triggered by that change in the table. 

You can do this in a different order, but this is how I would do it:

  1. Create the table that you need, with the relevant employee info fields. 
  2. In the table, add a button that will send the email to employee. The image below shows how you link the button push to a Zap that would send the email
  3. In this case I would wait to set up the Zap until you’ve finished creating the interface that the employees use
  4. Create the interface with the confirmation checkbox (I made a video of how to do that below). 
  5. Finally create the Zaps that connect everything together. 

Here’s a screenshot showing where you can add Zaps to a table: 

Screenshot of editing the field for a Zapier table. The green arrow indicates where you can connect the field to a Zap

And here’s a video showing how to add the table to an interface in a way where the employee would only see the confirmation checkbox: 

In the video I mention that you can pre-fill the other fields of the table (eg name and email). You do that by changing the link to the interface. 

You can fill form fields in advance for your visitors by using URL parameters for each field. Form fields have unique references, which can be used to fill out certain fields by default for visitors.

You can build a URL parameter using the following formula:

<url of your Interfaces page>?<first field reference>=<value to prepopulate>&<second field reference>=<value to prepopulate>

The first reference field needs to be connected to the URL by a ?, with its value connected by a =, and each subsequent field needs to be connected by an &.

You can learn more about that in this help guide: Use forms in Zapier interfaces


To recap, you can:

  1. Create a table to store the information 
  2. Add a button in the table that will trigger a Zap to send the email
  3. The email contains a unique link for that employee that, when they click on it, takes them to a Zapier interface with (hidden) pre-filled values
  4. When they check the box and click the submit button, you can trigger another Zap (either from the update to the table row, or from them clicking the submit button

That’s a lot of information so I hope it’s all clear, please let us know if you have any questions!