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Help for Calendly events

  • 29 January 2021
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Hi, I have to connect Calendly and Zapier with Google Sheets, so far no problem.
The problem is when I created 2 different events on Calendly, with Zapier I have to send the data to 2 separate Google Sheets, I read that you can make filters but they don't work for me, I attach screenshots.
Even with the filter on a specific event, it also puts the data of the other event in Google Sheets.
Where am I wrong?

Another question: I started the second event a few hours ago and I did some tests, but in Zapier I still don't see the data of the new event in the fields even if I press refressh fields ...



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5 replies

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Hi @FabioSD

If you use Paths instead of a filter you can separate the actions (path A is event A and Google Sheet A, path B is event B and Google Sheet B).

As filter in the path, you should type the name of the event in the third field. Like this:


Here’s some explanation:

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Hi and thanks for the answer, now the filter goes but now the insertion of the line in Google Sheets doesn't work, yet as per the attached image Zapier tells me that the line has been inserted!
The problem is only in one event, in the other everything works ...

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Per trigger, only one of the two paths will run. Maybe it has to do with that or are you still just testing? Have you double-checked if you connected the right Sheet to the step?

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Yes, the sheet is correct and Zapier's tests are also green, Zapier's message also says that it has been sent but nothing arrives in the Google Sheets

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Are you checking the correct row in the correct GSheet for the data that was sent by Zapier for the test?