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Get Imgage URL from RSS feed text to pass onto IG Business post

  • 29 July 2021
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Hi I have read all IMG URL posts in this forum but haven’t found a solution for that works for me.


I run a Sharetribe GO market place (only a Sharetribe FLEX is available as app) so I need to pick the data via RSS feed when a new listing is posted. 

In Zapier I receive the data and my IMG URL sits in a text field at the end - like this: 

<p>Text Descriptip of listing.Text Descriptip of listingText Descriptip of listingText Descriptip of listingText Descriptip of listingText Descriptip of listing</p><br />

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

How can I extract / read out the IMG URL? If I use Formatter / Extract URL it takes the first URL ( but not the image one


Any ideas? Thanks so much!



Best answer by nicksimard 2 August 2021, 23:01

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Hi @lawenceh!

There are a couple of ways you could tackle this but the easiest one (assuming the format will always be like what you show above) would be to use Formatter’s Split Text function:

In the Input field you would map the field in your Zap that contains the text (instead of pasting it like I did). The separator is “ and for the Segment Index you want All (as Separate Fields). That should get you what is shown in the animated GIF, where you then get the image URL by itself in item 4 :)

Why This Works

Because the text you’re checking contains the “ at the beginning of the image URL and at the end of it, you’re able to isolate it by splitting your text and using that as the separator. If you had something like "> where you’ve got one “ at the beginning of the URL, you would need a second Split Text step where you use > as the separator and keep the first part.

Hi @nicksimard 

thanks for this! I’ll give this a go and let you know how this works out. Cheers

@nicksimard aaaaaawesome! It works! Superstar thank you this changes a lot for me. really appreciate your help :hand_splayed_tone3:

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Hi @lawenceh!

So great to hear that it worked out for you :) Sometimes there are little tricks like this that come with having to try and solve a ton of different problems, and experiment. You can tuck this one away in case you ever have to do something similar in the future!