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Facebook Messenger to Zapier integration

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Same error, please add me to list.

Hi. Sorry I frustrated you by my comment. This is not really frustrating for me. I simply asked a question & saida true statement. 

Hello! Please add me to the list as well. Thanks!

Getting also the same error.
Could you please advise when a fix would be available.

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@gregbp I’ve added you as an affected user. I don’t see an ETA at this time but you will receive any updates via email!

Same issue as well when setting up a Zap to connect New Facebook Message to business page to a discord channel. 

Has this bug been resolved ? If yes, how ?


Tengo el mismo problema

quiero recibir actualización



Can’t believe it. The bug has been known for 6 moths and still it is not resolved?


Same error!

Having same issue integrating Shopify with FB messenger.


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Hi @Dan Mewhorter!

Thanks for your reply, I’ve added you to that issue. You’ll receive an email from Zapier when it’s been resolved. 

Same problem here when trying to activate the zap for email notifications for my facebook page new messages:




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HI @lugandcarrie!


Thanks for letting us know that you’re having the same issue, I’ve added you as an affected user on the bug. This lets the team know how many people are affected by it and we’ll send you an email when we have an update. Thanks!

Same problem! Please add me thank you

5 months later, same problem, please @Danvers add me to the list too