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Create google contact and add lables

  • 17 January 2021
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In our google contacts we have a number of labels for each contact. How do I create a Google Contact and add the appropriate labels?


Best answer by DougO 23 January 2021, 21:26

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Hey @DougO,

You would like to do this via Zapier? Usually, you have a trigger like for example a sign up on your web page and then you can create an action in your google contacts to create this contact, there you should also have the option to choose new and existing labels in one of the in input fields (see the google contact integration here). Feel free to describe your challenge in more detail, if think I can help you there :)


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Hi @DougO Try adding the Contact to a Group.


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Hi @DougO Try adding the Contact to a Group.


Troy is right, Labels are listed as “Groups” but it looks like you will have to add an additional step after creating the contact to then add them to the Group (Label)

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Hey @DougO ! Did you manage to solve this?

My problem is  I have a form (Google form embedded on our website) where new members can tick a box if they want to belong to a particular group. 

When I create a new contact in Google with Zapier there are 2 issues which I thought would have been simple.

  1. The selections for the groups are not available, so only contact details, no labels.
  2. If they were available then I would like to do something like a If Then Else, so if the boolean is true add them to the Group otherwise continue to the next Group. So boxes that are ticked get added, boxes that arnt dont.
  3. Somehow I cant seem to get the Group values from the form into Zapier so I can create a new contact with the groups they have selected.
  4. Obviously im missing something as I would have thought this would be quite simple.

    Thanks in advance.
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Try using Paths in your Zap or Create separate Zaps for each Group with a Filter step and possibly a Delay step.

OK, so I worked it out. An error in my thinking .

  1. A new form entry is the trigger.
  2. Create a new google contact
  3. Added some paths for the  groups
  4. If the bolean was true for the group then
  5. FIND THE CONTACT which had been created in step 2 and add it to the group.

Quite obvious when you think about it.