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I set up Zapier to connect our gym software called Pike 13 to Zoom. The goal was to have our clients sign up for our zoom classes via the software. I completed this task on Saturday, May 30.

I then set up the classes in Zoom, and placed the meeting registration link in the notes for each class. I tested the system 25 times, and it worked great, and the student received the zoom link upon registration. 

I also completely cleaned the Pike 13 schedule so that only the Zoom classes would show.

This morning I got up and every Pike 13 class from last month now appears on Zoom, and each has their own meeting reg link. I turned off the zaps, and manually deleted the unwanted Zoom classes.

The issue is also that Zapier created it’s own class in Zoom for the classes I have on the schedule for this week. These are classes in which I manually placed the Zoom link for the participants in the class notes, so they would receive it in their confirmation. 

As I mentioned, I have manually deleted all of the zoom classes that appeared there erroneously, and it appears - since I shut off the zap - that they will not come back.

Please tell me how to navigate this situation:

  1. get Zapier to only talk to the intended classes in Pike 13
  2. not create double links which creates tremendous confusion

Thanks, Beth

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@Beth Rypins , 


To better understand we’ll need to know what your trigger step is for these, and do you have a search step to find the event or just a “create event” step. Listing off (or screenshots of) the steps in the zap will help us better understand where the possible issues are. 

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Hi @Beth Rypins!

I just wanted to check in with you to see if you’d managed to get things working, or whether you could still use some help here. Please let us know :)

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We got it figured out! Thanks for checking. Beth

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@Beth Rypins that’s great news! Would love to hear how you cracked this- I’m sure other members will find it handy as well!