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Change "Lookup Values" In Zap All At Once

  • 13 June 2021
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So I have a Zap with 13 actions inside it. I am using it for MLB so for example, I have the, Yankees, as a shown below in my, “Home Team” action.

In total I have 6 actions for the home team (Yankees) and I have 5 actions for the away team (Red Sox).


Having to go inside of each action individually to change the Yankees to another team like the Cubs requires me to keep changing the Lookup Value individually from Yankees to Cubs for each action & then having to  “test and continue” each time I change the lookup value. 


Is there a fast solution for me to change these 2 team names and it update on all 11 actions in total (6 home team actions, 5 away team actions)? Help would be much appreicated!


Final format is from excel to google doc if that helps to know. Google doc is the last step where it takes the team name (yankees) and all the stats that I want and puts it into my article.


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6 replies

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Hi @jrivera92 

The concept to use would be dynamic mapping between Zap steps using the ‘Custom’ mapping option for the applicable fields.

Here’s a help article:

I appreciate the response Troy but this broad advice won’t help me much as I’m 2 days into using this. If you could further elaborate I’d really appreciate it. Not sure where I would add custom mapping option

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From the article:

For example, if you're setting up an action to upload new Gmail attachments to Dropbox, you would map the attachment file from the trigger (New attachment in Gmail) to the action.

An example of a text field with a variable.


Also, might be worth reviewing the available articles related to Zapier Basics:

You are comparing apples to oranges. 14/15 of my steps are pulling data from my excel spreadsheet which has many workbooks in it filled with stats that then is pulled to a template google doc I made that auto fills all those excel stats into it as the final step. It takes me 5 mins manually to change the home and away teams for each step in my template. There has to be a fast way to do this that works. 


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Hi @jrivera92 

For the Lookup Value in your original screenshot, you ought to change that to be a dynamically mapped value using the ‘Custom’ field option.

This way you can take a data point from a previous step and map that data point to future steps, so that you don’t have to manually change values for each step.

Otherwise, if you are changing the Zaps manually, then each step will have to be updated to replace the static values.


Thanks for the advice Troy! I’m still confused so I just decided to put up a job listing for this on upwork. Invited you to the job too in case you wanted to help