Can I send SurveyMonkey surveys to Salesforce contact's email on record update without creating a new survey?

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I’m trying to set a zap where if a record in Salesforce is updated, send a SurveyMonkey survey to that Contact Email. I am having trouble setting up the zap without creating a new survey every time.


The other option was that contact could be added to a list from which the collector could send whenever added but I’m not sure how to set that up.


I tried creating a support ticket but I never got an email back.

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Hi @Anna C -

I would love to see if I could provide some assistance with this! When you noted that it’s making you create a new survey every time, is this from the Zapier side or the SurveyMonkey side of things? It would be lovely if I could please request some screenshots of your current set up, omitting any identifying information. 

For the other option, I could see this possibly working with a multi-step Zap using Salesforce as the trigger, Google Sheets as the first action and SurveyMonkey as the end action

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Hi Chanelle, thanks for the assistance! The question really is on the Zapier side. Here’s an outline of what I’m doing where if a Salesforce record gets updated, Find Contact Email related to record and email them the SurveyMonkey survey.


It looks like it’s trying to create a new survey everytime I use Send Survey or am I misunderstanding this zap.


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Hmm @Anna C my understanding of this is that it would be whatever survey you map over when completing the Zap set up and not creating a brand new survey. Can you please click “Send Survey” and then add another screenshot of what fields populate in the rest of the Zap setup? That may grant me clarity surrounding this. 

Hoping to get this setup and resolved for you ASAP! 

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I tried to customize the message body but it returns this error:

It doesn’t return an error when I leave the message blank but I don’t see the surveylink in the default template. It looks blank.


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I copied the default template and it still results in an error



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Hi @Anna C!

My understanding is that you literally have to include [OptOutLink] in the body of the message. The SurveyMonkey API then converts it into an actual opt out link. Does your message in the Zap have [OptOutLink] included in it?

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There should be. The Opt Out Unsubscribe is included



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Hi there @Anna C,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t replicate replicate the issue you’re encountering.

It would be best to contact our Support team directly so that they can thoroughly examine the Zap and its logs to identify the underlying problem.

You can reach our Support team by clicking on this link:

I apologize for not being able to provide an immediate solution, but our Support team will be able to offer the necessary assistance. Thank you for your understanding.