Can I pull the Event Date through a HubSpot form in the correct format instead of just numbers?

  • 20 June 2023
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I’m trying to pull through a hubspot form with an Event Date, however i can’t seem to manage to pull the date through in the correct format.  it just comes through with lots of numbers.

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6 replies

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Hi there @Splash Events,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

The issue you're experiencing is because the HubSpot API endpoints use UNIX formatted timestamps in milliseconds, which is a bit different from the date formats we often see. But don't worry! We have a handy tool called the Formatter by Zapier that can help you out!

Formatter by Zapier is great at converting one date/time format into another. So, you can use one to change the UNIX timestamp into a format that suits your needs better. If you'd like to learn more about setting up this Formatter Step, you can check out this link:

Here’s an example:

(view larger)

(view larger)

Hopefully, this helps! 😊




Thank you, I have install formatter but it doesn’t seem to be working.   is there something I am doing wrong.


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Hi @Splash Events 

Try specifying the From Format.


I’ve tried that too and it still doesn’t seem to change :(

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@Splash Events 

The Formatter expects a UNIX Timestamp like this with 10 digits.


The Event Date being provided is 13 characters.

Thirteen-character timestamps are generally UNIX timestamps with a millisecond precision.

You can add another Zap step to use a Formatter > Numbers > Perform Math Operation (divide by 1000).


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Hi there, @Splash Events!

Just checking in to see how you’re getting on with this. Were you able to get it sorted using a Formatter action as Troy suggested?

If you’re still in need of some help with this just let us know! 🙂