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  • 27 July 2020
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I’m looking to create a zap that takes a poll of event attendance across a conference timetable and then, for each event selected, trigger a calendar invite to attendees to hold the time in their calendars…

I know you can zap with google calendars but would this invite also be able to be added to other calendars as well? I want to make sure we’re not excluding anyone.

I’m hoping that it only requires ME to have a google calendar and that the invite can then be added to whatever calendar the recipient has.

Would appreciate any info anyone has on this.


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4 replies

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Hello! What would be wrong with adding the users as attendees to the event?

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Sadly it’s an event for +300 people and has multiple sessions so ideally it would be automated depending on their selection within the form.

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Hi @skipec!

From the Google Calendar side of things, you can use the ‘Add attendee/s to Event’ action to add people to the event. I think that should send them an invite, but you might want to do a quick test to double check. 

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Hi @skipec, I’d love to know if using the Add attendees to Event action worked for you, were you able to send your attendees an invite that way?