A business validation error has occurred while processing your request

  • 18 January 2021
  • 6 replies

I received this error and changed my tax settings to ‘zero rated’ which cleared it up. 

The zap was successful.

Since then, I have added some new sales tax amounts in Quickbooks Online, and the error has returned. 

I have no idea how to proceed with my zap now.

Please help.

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6 replies

We’re running into the same issue generating an invoice with QBO, just to reinforce @thirdproject ‘s case. 

We’ve sent a message to the support team, I encourage you to do the same @thirdproject  by clicking here: 

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Hi @thirdproject!

There are quite a lot of reasons that particular error message could pop up. You can contact our Support team here and they can dig in a bit more, checking our detailed logs, and hopefully that can give them some clues as to the culprit.

Where can I find help other than the support forums?

@Liz_Roberts Please send help! Man down!!

Sorry that’s not it. Customer field is just an ID taken from QBO. Also, I removed it and tried without success.


My process was working perfectly fine until I added additional sales tax by province, which has not prompted this error. I am trying to create a sales receipt fwiw.

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@thirdproject - thanks for reaching out- sorry you are running into this!

One possible cause for this particular Business Validation Error is a space in the Customer field. Could you take a look to see if that is the culprit? If so, removing the space should do the trick!