A business validation error has occurred while processing your request

  • 18 January 2021
  • 6 replies

I received this error and changed my tax settings to ‘zero rated’ which cleared it up. 

The zap was successful.

Since then, I have added some new sales tax amounts in Quickbooks Online, and the error has returned. 

I have no idea how to proceed with my zap now.

Please help.

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6 replies

We’re running into the same issue generating an invoice with QBO, just to reinforce @thirdproject ‘s case. 

We’ve sent a message to the support team, I encourage you to do the same @thirdproject  by clicking here: 

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@thirdproject - thanks for reaching out- sorry you are running into this!

One possible cause for this particular Business Validation Error is a space in the Customer field. Could you take a look to see if that is the culprit? If so, removing the space should do the trick!

Sorry that’s not it. Customer field is just an ID taken from QBO. Also, I removed it and tried without success.


My process was working perfectly fine until I added additional sales tax by province, which has not prompted this error. I am trying to create a sales receipt fwiw.

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Hi @thirdproject!

There are quite a lot of reasons that particular error message could pop up. You can contact our Support team here and they can dig in a bit more, checking our detailed logs, and hopefully that can give them some clues as to the culprit.

@Liz_Roberts Please send help! Man down!!

Where can I find help other than the support forums?