Zapier is putting values like "{{92612409__id}}" instead of the actual value of that data( i.e like 123) .

  • 9 July 2020
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I have an issue where I am getting data from an updated row of a Google Sheet, and I am using that key value pair in my own action, to access it I am using 


which should return value fetched from Google Sheet like 123 or 590 or any integer, instead, what I am getting is something like 


. I have seen the documentation of accessing the data inside of an action ( creates ) in cli and implemented them. Everytime I have tested it with default utility of zapier cli ( mocha, it gets replaced with the value that I give for example 490 ).

But while creating the zap, it doesn’t work

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8 replies

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Hi @Jeet Mandaliya!


That kind of value (eg {92713119_COL$A} ) is a field reference. We use that pattern to identify a field from a previous step in Zapier. 


If you’re seeing that in the task history of a Zap, that generally means that the field that the Zap was supposed to get (in this case Column A of the Google Sheet) didn’t come through. 


One thing that might be confusing the issue here is that that are curly brackets in your code. I’m going to call on @ikbelkirasan for this one to see if he can confirm that for me!

Hey there @Danvers  !! 

Thank you for the explanation. Now I do get where {{92713119_COL$A}} comes from.

If this is a known issue and if there are any workaround for this one, would you please enlighten me with them?

Thanks in advance.


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@Danvers - I agree with what you mentioned. It is totally correct. With that said, @Jeet Mandaliya, it’s still weird that you’re getting that field reference in bundle.inputData. It’s should only be shown in bundle.inputDataRaw.

Can you show us the full bundle information? You can find it by going to Monitoring section in your app dashboard. Make sure to hide any sensitive data. I just want to see what you’re getting as an input in your app.

Hey @ikbelkirasan , thank you for looking into it, I am using Zapier CLI and for accessing that variable, I am using this way, 

and here are some details for the zapier dependencies



Just for the purpose of showing @ikbelkirasan , let me show you my codebase with a breakpoint and show you that bundle.inputData.case_id actually gets replaced by given value


in my mocha test file


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@Jeet Mandaliya - Thanks for the additional info. In your test, you’re providing the values directly to your function so it should work fine. What I was asking for though was the bundle that the app gets when it runs on Zapier (not in your unit test). As I mentioned in my previous message, you can access it from the Zapier Platform > Select your app > Click on Monitoring from the sidebar > Click on a data point in the chart > Scroll down to find the request > You’ll find the bundle information in the request details.

Make sure you create a test zap for your app first and test this action before looking for the bundle information. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions. 

@ikbelkirasan , thanks for the blazing fast reply !! Here is the information required from me.

This is the whole bundle that my app got at the time of execution

{"authData": {"api_key": ":censored:41:fe1b3a06ea:"}, "inputData": {}, "inputDataRaw": {}, "meta": {"isLoadingSample": false, "isFillingDynamicDropdown": false, "isTestingAuth": false, "isPopulatingDedupe": false, "limit": -1, "page": 0, "zap": {"help": ["This data structure is provided for backwards compatibility,", "and should not be relied upon in a Zapier integration."], "id": 93138874, "link": "", "live": true, "name": "A Zap", "user": {"timezone": "Europe/Berlin"}, "trigger": {"service": {"logos": {"16x16": "", "32x32": "", "64x64": "", "128x128": ""}, "name": "A Zapier App"}}, "action": {"service": {"logos": {"16x16": "", "32x32": "", "64x64": "", "128x128": ""}, "name": "A Zapier App"}}}}}

I couldn’t help but notice one thing that the key “id”: 93138872, was the partial value of the bundle.inputData.case_id, for example I got this error, and I was using a column of google sheet if that information helps.

Maybe I should be accessing it any other way ( but I wonder why is bundle.inputData and bundle.inputData are empty, how could I access it other way !? )

Here is the screenshot from the monitoring section of my app and the input is as i wrote in the code above.


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@Jeet Mandaliya - That’s odd, the bundle.inputData seems to be empty in the bundle information you attached. Would you mind posting some screenshots of the step that had case_id value = {{93138872__COL$A}}? Also, it would be helpful to see your action definition code (inputFields, perform..etc).

@ikbelkirasan , here is what you asked for.

This is what my module.exports look like

Here is the getCaseInputFields function

getCaseInputFields function
perform function

However, @ikbelkirasan i am concerned if it would be right to post these code here in public,