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Trigger input that is a search

  • 26 February 2021
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Hello, there!

We want to create a hidden trigger that should select a user as an input. 
The trigger’s setup should be the following:

  • first, select organization via a dropdown
  • after that, search for a user (it should work only on the selected dropdown)

And the final input that we want to work is the user itself. 

Unfortunatelly, I haven’t found a way to get that functionality. 

I have tried to create a hidden trigger that has a dynamic field for organization selection and a dynamic field for the user search. It worked fine, it gave back the list of the mathing users based on the search criteria. 

After that my next step would just to put that hidden trigger as a parameter of my other trigger. And with this embedded version, it didn’t even showed the inputs of the hidden trigger. 

As I have checked, it is possible to implement it (Trello has similar functionality), but I have no idea how could I implement it. 

Do you have any advice on that?



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@Zsolt Miskolczi welcome to the community and I’m really excited to hear that someone else has struggled understanding how dynamic fields and dynamic dropdowns work!


So first off, try making two hidden triggers, one for organization and one for user. The user hidden trigger will take the “output” of the organization, but it cannot do that until it’s added to your Actual Trigger/Search/Action step…


Take a look here: if you get that working in your visible step with the organization hidden trigger. Be sure to select “Alters Dynamic Fields”  The “Key” you assign to this field will be used in the hidden trigger for User

Once that is done, then create the field for User, with the same concept as above a Dynamic Dropdown, but be sure to edit the hidden trigger for user and have bundle.inputData.field_key (where field_key is replaced with the actual key of the organization field) used when you need to reference the organization in the API call. 

Hopefully that points you in the right direction, if you need more clarity post back here. 

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Thank you, it helped a lot. 
One additional question: do you know if I can put a search to the dropdown that I fill?

I’m thinking about something like there is an empty dropdown. The user types ‘Joe’ and after that, the dropdown asks our endpoint to list all the people whose name contains ‘Joe’.
So I wouldn’t load all the possible users but create a search-dropdown combo.