Splitting text giving me more outputs

  • 8 January 2021
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Hey everyone,

So I formatted a line that comes in when someones registers for camp on shopify. I seperate with a “,” and only want the name of the camp. But using the split, it gives me two outputs. But, I only want the first. Even though I configure that step by asking only the first segment. When using the action ‘send to google sheet’ it still gives me both values (output 1 & 2) separated with a “,”. I don’t understand why this is happening.


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6 replies

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Please provide a screenshot of how the Zap step is configured.

What is the desired output? (e.g. only “Skatekamp”)

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@Jcgrowthmedia could you share the screenshot of this part:


I think then it is way easier to help :) Thank you

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Hi @Jcgrowthmedia!

Looks like you’ve got a great conversation going with our Support team and they’re helping you out with this! If you have any further questions you can reply to that thread :)

I suspect they’re on the right track with it being related to your mapped field being line items from Shopify. While it may look like it’s just comma-separated and that you could split on that, they’re in a slightly different format. Support’s suggestion is what I’d recommend as well:

If that is the step - you could try changing it to a Formatter > Utilities > Line Item to Text action - which would split the line items into Text fields (and you could use the First output item).

The previous lines I already corrected manually, but the last line is how is looks. You see in the row ‘KAMP’ it mentions the output twice.


Thanks for helping

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Hey @Jcgrowthmedia 

I think you use the field of the shopify zap in your “Kamp” field again. What you should refer to is the elements from the formatter that you just split:


Can you try this?

I’ve used utilities to choose one of both outputs!


It worked. Thanks all for contributing, you guys are the best.