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REST Hook Trigger Needs a Polling URL ->Solving by adding Perform list -> Now data is blank after the trigger is fired

  • 1 July 2021
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Hello we need help with a strange case of data becoming blank when passed to an Action after we include Perform List end points.

----- DETAILS ----

We were in the last stages of setting up our Zaps and have had them successfully running with Rest Hooks (no Polling)

This meant each time a zap was created you had to make a new event in our system (FoodStorm) but the workflow was working.

Now as we go to submit it for review with Zapier we are addressing the Publish Task Error:

REST Hook Trigger Needs a Polling URL

“When users are setting up a hook-based (aka instant) Trigger, it's important to have a polling fallback. For example, imagine a Zap that triggers on a new Slack message. If testing relies on the sending of a webhook, the test won't complete without the user sending an actual message in a Slack channel, which is disruptive.”

To solve this we have implemented the Perform list with some dummy data, in the same thread as here

with the same thinking there will be no data in the polling list because we are not going to add any to it until the customer subscribes to us via Zapier.  So we have just returned the same dummy data as we have in the Sample config:


Long story short, when we now setup a Zap, the Perform list returns the sample data and we can setup the Zap.


This is NOT A MAPPING ISSUE as we have tested multiple times, it only becomes BLANK in the action when we add the Perform list config


Here is the Perform list config:

Has anyone had this issue or please Support can you reach out to us.


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Quick thing to try: Make sure the field names returned in your performList match what’s returned from your perform exactly. I had a peek at your definition and logs, and noticed that your API returns “OrderNo” and “Total”, but the field name the performList provides for mapping appears to be “orderNo” and “total” - the cases don’t match and that might be the issue. 

Give that a shot and let us know if it turns out to be the culprit. 


Thanks for the response. We managed to lockdown what was causing the issue and fixed it. Much appreciated.

However now when we run the validation against our integration we are getting issues with the static sample and our polling endpoint. See below:



We send all fields regardless of if they have values and if they do not, we send them with a value of null. This is the case for both our trigger data as well as our polling endpoint data. However we are still getting these 2 warnings for all triggers, one stating that the polling endpoint does not match the fields in task history, and another stating the static sample does not match the history.


How far back does this history go? As we had to make changes to fix our initial issue, but now we can’t seem to pass validation because we have old, no longer accurate, data in the history.