Rest API trigger not working

  • 26 July 2021
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Hello ,

I am new to Zapier integration. Currently working on Zapier integration. When users create an interview through our sass platform I need to send then notification via selected email or slack etc whatever end user chooses.

I have created application in zapier and able to successfully  authenticate using API key approach. I wanted to use Rest hook as a trigger type and created api for the same which returns fields like email , subject , body and other required fields.

But when I hit that api via postman , I am not receiving any email which I received while testing my integration (while configuring the zapier).

Please help me in this.

Heres what I tried.
  - reconnected my integration

  - tuned off and again turned on the integration

Also I wanted to know that how zapier will get to know if specified trigger api got hit.


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6 replies

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Hi @akshay108 

When trying to use an APP that isn’t natively available in Zapier, the best approach is to use Webhook. Can you check if your SaaS platform sends out webhook notification when a calendar event is created? If it does, then you can use “webhook by Zapier” to get an webhook URL where you can send information to, and this way automation starts instantly.

If you go with API method, try checking the zap history if things are showing up. It takes up to 15 minutes to trigger.

Hi @robschmidt ,
Thanks for the reply. I checked zap history but there is no log of it.
Let say if need to follow API method , is there any way I can do that if possible  and if yes then can you tell me where am I going  wrong. 

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@akshay108  just to confirm a few things:

It sounds like you are working with a SaaS company and are building a Zapier integration with the Zapier platform UI or CLI, as opposed to trying to solve a problem creating a workflow as a user. Pretty sure I got your context right, and if so, you’re in the right spot.

Assuming you’ve got your Rest Hook implementation implemented correctly, here’s something that may be confounding your testing. Each Zap that uses a rest hook establishes a new subscription with a new callback URL when that Zap is turned on. And that endpoint is only going to listen while that Zap instance is running. This makes end-to-end testing outside of the context of a running Zap not practical. So my thought is perhaps you’re testing from Postman to an endpoint that’s not actually listening. Best to test with a running Zap, and use the Monitoring section of the developer UI, or the CLI log command to examine what’s going on in the system. 

If that doesn’t get you up and running, please post some more details - your API docs and the relevant parts of your Zapier integration, and logs, and we’ll be in a better position to provide specific guidance.

Hey @Zane  Thanks for the reply.
If I am not wrong the api should follow following approach :
- Once the api gets hit I will receive  targetUrl / Hook url .
- I need to capture that url and make and api to it with data required for the gmail.
Please correct me if I am wrong. I am having little bit difficulty in understanding this.

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Yes, you’re on the right track. Building a Rest Hook trigger requires your API support a couple things: 

  • An API to create new subscriptions. “Client: When x happens, send a message to this http endpoint”
  • An eventing/callback-making infrastructure within your platform “Server: x just happened. is there someone subscribed to that event, and what endpoint do I need to post a message to?”
  • An subscription cancelation endpoint: “Clent: end this subscription” 
  • A sample endpoint: “Client Give me a list of objects like the ones the hook will send once it’s up and running”

If your API and system isn’t architected this way, you might start with a polling trigger. More information on the Rest Hook approach -


@Zane  Thanks for the information. 
I am able to connect the triggers but right now I am not getting the fields (like email, body, name etc) which I am passing while calling rest hook.
Can you help me with the request format which is required for tiggers please ?

Image for reference :