Questions on the capability of the Developer API

  • 25 February 2023
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Hi there, I'm working on an app that allows users to create a workflow that involves operations from three different apps (Google Calendar, Gmail, and Discord). I've been exploring Zapier's API as a way to accomplish this, but I've run into some challenges.


Specifically, I want to provide a way for users to authenticate the other apps directly within my app, rather than having to log in to their Zapier account separately. Then the app will use Zapier to communicate with those third party apps on the backend. Is there a way to use Zapier's API to accomplish this?


To provide a bit more context, my app is designed to help users manage their tasks and events across multiple platforms. The ability to integrate with other apps like Google Calendar and Gmail is essential to our users, and we want to make the integration process as seamless as possible. I've read Zapier's API documentation, but I'm still not clear on whether this is possible or how to accomplish it.


Any guidance or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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3 replies

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Hi @OliveiraHero 

Good question.

Zap apps built on the Zapier Developer Platform are related to 1 app’s API/webhooks.


Info about Authentication:


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Thanks for sharing these, Troy!


I couldn’t seem to find whether our users need to login into a Zapier account first in order to integrate their apps (e.g Gmail, Calendar) with ours. Do you know if our users still need to sign up/login into Zapier or they don’t have any direct interaction with Zapier.

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Let’s take an example…


A Zap app integration is for 1 app. (e.g. GCal)

If I want to use the GCal in a Zap, then I would need to connect my GCal account to Zapier.

For end users Zap app connections are made in Zapier here:


A Zap is a series of steps that can connect different apps. (trigger [e.g. GCal] + actions [e.g. Discord])


So if User X wants to use their GCal, Gmail, and Discord accounts, then each of those would need to be connected in a Zapier account to be used in a Zap.