Oauth2 authentication process - fields from user

  • 11 June 2021
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I am using oauth2 authentication process in a custom api I am building.

I see the in first step when configuring oauth2, Zapier allows you to define some fields in case you need to get some info form the user. 

I created 2 fields: email and user, hoping I can use them to validate the user when doing the authorization step, but I do not receive them in the request.

Is it possible to use the info on this form or is this used in other step inside Zapier?

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2 replies

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If you define input fields on your OAuth2 auth config, the user will be prompted to enter these prior to getting sent to your authorize page. You can reference these values on bundle.inputData.*.

You’ll have to explicitly add those to your API request - in headers or params, wherever your app/auth provider expects to reference them. I suspect it might be this step that you’re missing.

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Thanks!!!, I have been trying to send those parameters as headers but not luck, I was able to send them through as query params, but I would prefer to do it as headers.

Is there any restrictions on the headers name we can send? do I need to send data in a specific header?


Also In auth response I am trying to return user info, what is the format and fields required for the response, I think they need to be inside a user field?


Thanks in advance.