`inputDataRaw` value not being parsed into inputData

  • 23 February 2022
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I have an action where I want to run a trigger to display a dynamic dropdown with data returned by my server. This dynamic dropdown requires an id configured in a previous field to be able to do this request. This field is filled with an `id` that comes from the trigger that caused this Zap to run.

When I look at the `inputDataRaw` field in the `bundle` object, I can see it’s correctly referencing the correct field. The problem is that `inputData` does not contain the parsed value, and it’s actually empty.

I’ve already done this in previous zaps and they all work, but this action is having problems, and I’m not sure why.


Explanation using images:

This is my “create” action, where I have this `conversation_id` input. I use it on the `conversation_assignees` trigger to look for the available assignees


The trigger then uses `bundle.inputData.conversation_id` to do the request. The problem is that `inputData` is actually empty.
I’ve logged the bundle object and this is the result
This is my trigger configuration

I’m not sure how to procceed, because everything seems to be correctly configured.

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3 replies

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Hiya @rbaudibert! I wanted to pop in and see if you were able to get this rollin? We’d love to know how you did if so! 😊

Hey @christina.d!

I actually couldn’t solve this problem, and we changed our approach. I think this is actually a bug in Zapier, because it feels like it should work.

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Aw, man. I’m sorry to hear that, @rbaudibert

You may have already done so but it might be worth reaching out to partner support to see if they have any extra insight to share. You can reach them at Thanks again for keeping us in the loop!