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Identify trigger Saas in my custom action Saas programmatically

  • 13 June 2023
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Without prompting the zap maker for an explicit source, is there a way for action app to identify trigger app as to where the data is from, programmatically ?

So far in the CLI integration, in the perform action, I have seen way to retrieve `` but it looks like its getting deprecated, and is only the zap id, which should make me able to query its trigger app through some kind of zapier public api maybe ?


In other words


When a trigger of a zap, in which my custom app have Actions, occur,

I’d like to have a way to know what  is the name of trigger app (SaaS) that is involved in the workflow, at my Action level ie in my custom app action’s perform function.


Someone create a zap A with trigger Saas: Google form, and action : MyApp, and another zap B with trigger: Typeform, and action: MyApp

Now, in my integration CLI, where I define action of MyApp: I have a way to know the zap id, through `` in the perform function. So i can deduct that the Saas which triggered the action may be different. But I want to litteraly know which Saas it is: Google form or Typeform ? The bundle does not expose such information. 


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Hi @wmarfil , 

Excellent question! 

I’m afraid this is not currently possible. As you found, the data bundle does not pass the name of the application used in previous steps, and there is not an API from which the name of the application can be queried based on the ID.

I’ve shared your interest in such functionality with the relevant folks for future consideration. I definitely see how helpful this would be.

I’m really sorry I don’t have better news on this one!