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How to use loop and formatter for creating official templates in the developer platform?

  • 3 June 2023
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When I use the platform I can create Zaps that work with Loop and Formatter, however, when I use to create official templates, it does not work. On the developer platform, it does not handle the data correctly for the Loop and Formatter plugins.

Developer platform: When I create values to loop, they don’t show up in the test. 


Developer platform, the test:

What it looks like on the official

Since the loop does not output the filenames and URL in the developer template, I can’t continue building the template. I experienced a simliar problem with the formatter.


Let me know if you have any suggestion. 


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Hi @emilwallner ,

I’m afraid what you’re seeing is related to a limitation with Zap Templates. 

In the context of Zap Templates, apps are unable to use real data. Instead, steps simply output pre-defined sample data, which can then be mapped to later steps. 

Since the output for Formatter and Looping can vary from user-to-user and Zap-to-Zap, the sample data for these two apps is pretty minimal, containing only the fields we can guarantee will always be available in the output. For more custom field mappings, users would need to handle their own mapping after starting a Zap with the template.

I apologize as I understand this is a noteworthy limitation, and I’ve shared feedback with the relevant team. 

Thank you for your detailed explanation. I was indeed under the impression that the pre-defined sample data would enable me to create templates. I was hoping to create a simple plug-and-play solution.

However, realizing the limitations, I’m creating video tutorials for each integration to show users how to integrate each Zap. This will require more time and effort for each integration, and adds a layer of complexity for the users.

I appreciate your understanding and assistance in this matter. Should there be any changes or updates regarding this limitation, I'd be grateful if you could keep me informed.