How to send the response of a trigger into my action

  • 29 January 2023
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I’m building a zapier integration with my app that has an action

the action simply needs to take whatever response from the trigger and do something on it (I just need to send the response of previous trigger to the endpoint so I can manage it)

I built the action and it works but I don’t know how to append the response of the trigger to it? the input fields look like it’s something the user need to enter but I don’t want user interaction I just want to send the raw response of the previous trigger?

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1 reply

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Hey @SH1R3F 👋

Yes, the inputFields for an action are fields that the user would be expected to enter or select (if a dropdown is provided for example). This is because any trigger can be matched to any action in a Zap. So your action is configured in such a way that a user could select any trigger to use with that action. 

Could you describe your use case and why you’ve opted to build an app integration, instead of using a Zap if the trigger and action will always be the same? That would help point you in the right direction 😀