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How to return an custom output with status code in Zapier rest hook perform?

  • 29 December 2020
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I am using Zapier web builder to create a Zapier APP. I have rest hooks, when I subscribing for a hook API sends a verification challenge code, this comes in the perform

Here is the content that I am receiving in query string :


Zapier returning below back to api:

{"id": "732a8cfc-1dcc-4b54-9a55-7d21e0858ad6", "request_id": "5feb0139-a858-4fbc-b32d-47e13ff472a0", "attempt": "5feb0139-a858-4fbc-b32d-47e13ff472a0", "status": "success"}

I want to modify the return response and status code.

Please advise?



Best answer by ikbelkirasan 29 December 2020, 13:37

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@codetycon - As far as I understand it, when a new webhook request is received, Zapier would automatically respond with a 200 response like the one shown above before passing the request content to the app. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change this behavior. Therefore, it is not possible to support webhooks that need verification like yours.

One way around it would be a proxy/middleware that handles the verification part and forwards any other requests to the actual Zapier webhook URL. You might want to take a look at Cloudflare Workers which I’ve personally used to implement this kind of integration.