How resthook works

  • 13 August 2020
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I am creating an app that stores contact information and more, but lets focus on contacts for the moment. I would like to when a new contact is added it sends a post request to zapier telling it that a new contact is added. It is “super” simple to do with polling(but drawbacks with polling) but now I have created or tried to create a rest hook.

The thing is when i configure it in the platform and sets upp subscribe and unsubscribe etc and when I do a test request a subscription is added just like it should and it adds a targeturl that for now is a test url(provided by zapier).

But when I create a zap out of it I get the link that i should save to my app?!. I thought that it was when created a zap with it, it would automatically create a subscription?


Please help 


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1 reply

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Hi @JoelDeger - Thanks for posting this to our community. Looks like we may have missed your post. Sorry about that!

I also see that you’ve been in contact with Zapier Support in the last few days. We’ll let you continue asking your questions with our team directly. Thank you!