Form post in Code by Zapier action

  • 10 February 2023
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I am looking to retrieve a file from a New Form Submission in HubSpot trigger. I then want to chain a Code by Zapier action to submit a file from above Trigger as a form post (not json in other words).

Can I achieve that as a Code step without any external node modules.

Thanks in advance.,


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3 replies

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Hi @MarkK 

Good question.

We’ll need more context about the app API endpoint for where you are trying to send the file.

HI Troy

Sorry for late reply.

You may find it here: in the POST CompanyCandidateFileAttachment endpoint. In Postman I only need to select a file for the “files” property and a “title” string value for the file to be uploaded successfully.

We have a working Zapier CLI (converted today from UI version) test pulling a file from a CDN (see below).

But when deploying and trying to upload a file from a New file on a Google drive folder we do not get the filename readable by the endpoint.

describe('Create - candidateattachmentpost', () => {;

const FILE_URL =

it('should create an object', async () => {
const bundle = {
authData: {
access_token: process.env.ACCESSTOKEN,

inputData: {
Files: FILE_URL,
Title: "CV-test",
companyId: process.env.COMPANYID,
id: 91989

const result = await appTester(App.creates['candidateattachmentpost'].operation.perform, bundle);;


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