Enter a URL where Zapier can fetch custom field names for this trigger.

  • 14 April 2021
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I was trying to pull sample data dynamically in my test trigger,but some how I am not able to do so, I am using this optional api setting call 

“Custom Trigger Result Fields URL”

but data those are available in this api end point not showing in zapier test lead, can any one help me here. 

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3 replies

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Hi @outgrow - According to the docs, it doesn’t fetch samples from the API, it just fetches a list of user-friendly labels to help show better field names for the user in the UI.

Custom Trigger Result Fields URL

This allows you to dynamically define user-friendly labels for data returned by triggers as well as fields that may not be found in all live samples. These labels are shown to users in the Zap Editor when they map fields from this trigger to the Edit Template step for actions or searches.

Is there any way in zapier platform so we can load samples from our server while test trigger, and same api call will use while zap run for new data, is there any way I can make diffrences on request , while triggering same api from zapier app.

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isLoadingSample in is probably what you’re looking for, in the (somewhat unusual in practice) event you need to handle something differently fetching a sample for the editor than when you’re fetching at Zap runtime. Make sure the data you return is truly representative of what’s going to get passed through the Zap when the user turns it on or errors will ensue!