Dynamic field auto-select or leave blank

  • 1 April 2021
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I have a small problem with a dynamic field.

Even if it’s parent (the Event selector) changes, the old value remains stuck in the dynamic field (Tickets selector). I would like to auto-select the first available option or leave it blank (the dynamic filed → Tickets) after each change on it’s parent (Event). See my images below:


Initial state:


After the change:


Option’s list populated, but the selected option is from a previous event:


Can I auto-select it the first option after the change? Or clear the Ticket’s (dynamic field) value?

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3 replies

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As they are marked (required), both those fields need to be filled. Rather than fixed values, though, you can set both fields to ‘Custom’ and map in dynamic values, using data from a previous zap step.

I want 2 dropdowns there: one for the events and one for the tickets for the corresponding event (selected previously). So, I would rather not move away from the drop-downs - they seem to be good as they are. Just I don’t like that the ticket remains cached/stuck when I change the selected event. I have several events and I may have one or more tickets for every event. So I am not sure about the “Custom” option - the creator of the zap should have the possibility to choose from a list of tickets.

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Sorry I missed your reply before. Do you still need help with this?