Create a Zap for a software not available as a choice under apps.

  • 2 April 2020
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I want to make a zap between (similar to Stripe) and

The idea is when a payment is processed in Bambora, the person will get connected to a Zoom chatroom. 


Does anyone have experience in creating Zaps for apps that are not available as a choice in the list?

PS: has an open API.

Thank you!

4 replies

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Hi @maxrostov

It’s sometimes possible to work with apps that don’t have integrations on Zapier by using the Webhooks integration to send and receive information. This can get sometimes get tricky for certain types of authentication or when parsing the information that goes to/from the app - you often need a code step to get the data in a way that you can work with. 

You might want to consider using the Developer Platform to build your own private integration for Bambora, as that will help you to handle the authentication more smoothly.

What about for “dummies” like me? I find the Zap for Dropbox notification to Gmail invaluable; however, I am phasing out Gmail and my new email provider (HEY, from Basecamp) does not appear to be integrated with Zapier.


Am I “stuck” until they integrate with you? Thanks a million!

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Hmm, I think that this will be tricky to be honest. Most solutions involve knowing a little bit about how the ‘back end’ of software works. 


We do have a blog post that might help: How to get any app to work with Zapier Though a lot of the solutions in the blog post revolve around using email, so I’m not sure that you’ll be able to find a solution. 


You could also reach out to the Basecamp team to ask them to add HEY to Zapier, to see if you can move things along :) 

Thanks for the suggestions. I know I am not developing my own Zap for it because I struggle as it is setting up the Dropbox>Gmail interface. 

But I did reach out again to HEY because in a few months my Gmail will simply be a time capsule of old emails! :grinning: