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Can I create an a Zapier app without authentification?

  • 5 May 2020
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I am creating a new app on Zapier for our company Shipup. The goal of the app is to simplify the connection of our webhooks to other apps on Zapier. Here is an example of the logic we would like to follow:

  • We receive a new “event” from one of our partner
  • We send a webhook to the URL specified by the client (a zap url in this case)
  • The Zap is configured to run specific actions according to the payload of the webhook

The issue is that Zapier seems to force a user authentification when creating a new app but we don’t have any since we are only using webhooks. So I’m blocked on the first phase of the app creation and can’t find the option to set the authentification to “no-auth“.

Would anyone from the community be able to provide some guidance on how to navigate around this issue?

Thank you!



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6 replies

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Hi @baptiste_shipup - You can just remove authentication altogether. Are you building the app in the Platform UI? If so and you’re trying to test an action, just ignore the authentication button and go ahead to run the test. When there’s no authentication method, it should run just fine.

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Thank you @ikbelkirasan ! I have indeed been able to configure my app using the Platform UI and test it with a first Zap without any authentification and it’s working fine. But it seems that I won’t be able to publish it if I don’t pick any authentification (see picture attached).



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@baptiste_shipup You can set up a dummy authentication method that doesn’t really do anything. For example, this can be achieved using the API key authentication method.

Step 1: Configure your Fields

In the input fields list, add a field and set its key to “name” and label to “Name”.

Step 2: Configure a Test Request & Connection Label

  • Switch to Code mode and put this code snippet:
return { 
  • Set the Connection Label field to {{name}}

Step 3: Test your Authentication

Now you can test the authentication, you’ll be asked to fill in the name field. Its value will be used as a connection label.

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@ikbelkirasan thank you! I managed to do this and indeed it’s working fine but it adds a useless step “Sign in with Shipup” is there any way to avoid this?

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@baptiste_shipup Shipup is your app, right? If so, the user will be asked for their name when they perform the authentication and that’s it. Since you set up the authentication, you cannot get rid of this button.

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@ikbelkirasan Yes, Shipup is my app :) thanks for the clarification!