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Arrays inside Line Items

  • 24 September 2020
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Hi team,

 i'm still having issues dealing with arrays inside of line items.  I made video disclosing the issue and would love to see if any plans to address this bug:


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 3 October 2020, 17:15

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2 replies

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Hey! I have come up against this a lot, and I’m sad to say there’s no true workaround without code. 


The best way to handle it I’ve found is to perform an API request inside a code step so you can handle the JSON response in a typical way. 


Alternatively, Add two Formatter Steps and a Code Step. The Formatter Steps are for converting the Line Items of the value name and value into text separated by something that doesn't appear in the names or values. e.g - use three pipes "|||". We can feed the text into a Code Step to output an object with the names as keys and the values as values.

Honestly? You’re better off using JavaScript +Requests though - It’s more efficient. 

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Here’s the response I got from Zapier Support the other day when following up on this same issue:

I checked into the progress on the bug, and a fair bit of research has been done and it has progressed in a manner of speaking, but isn't solved yet. Our team is still looking for options to handle this better on a platform level.