Array only returns first item on Search Zapier CLI

  • 22 August 2022
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Hello, I have a very simple question that I have not been able to find an answer to in the docs or here. I’m trying to create a custom Search Action that returns a list of objects. I’m trying to figure out how to return an array. 


I’m using Zapier CLI . Here is the sample code:


sample: [ {

  classes: [

     { name: "Test1",},

     {name: "Test2",},




However Zapier CLI  throws an error: “sample is not of a type(s) object”


I would expect this to be the entire array, NOT throw an error or return just the first object. How do I correct this behavior so that my Zapier Action to return an array and correct the error?

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4 replies

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Hey Buka!

Christian here from Zapier's Platform Support team to confirm that Tim is absolutely correct.

In the schema documentation that Tim has kindly linked, we can see that the `sample` key is defined as requiring the `object` data type.

If you would like to return an array of items, you can assign the array to a property of the returned object - for example:

sample: {
classes: [
{name: "Test1"},
{name: "Test2"}

In this example, `sample` is an object containing the property `classes`, which contains an array of objects.

I hope this proves helpful!

A lot of my early headaches with developing custom Zapier integrations was that I didn’t take the time (and honestly didn’t have it..) to really dig into the documentation to understand how the Zapier platform works under the hood.

Thanks for the answer Tim.

But then what’s the best way to return on an action a list o items (array)?


For exemple a list of available cars on a dealership? It’s not on Search?


The error is telling you the exact problem:  it expects an object for the sample property, and you passed it an array.