Array only returns first item on Search Zapier CLI

  • 22 August 2022
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Hello, I have a very simple question that I have not been able to find an answer to in the docs or here. I’m trying to create a custom Search Action that returns a list of objects. I’m trying to figure out how to return an array. 


I’m using Zapier CLI . Here is the sample code:


sample: [ {

  classes: [

     { name: "Test1",},

     {name: "Test2",},




However Zapier CLI  throws an error: “sample is not of a type(s) object”


I would expect this to be the entire array, NOT throw an error or return just the first object. How do I correct this behavior so that my Zapier Action to return an array and correct the error?

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4 replies

The error is telling you the exact problem:  it expects an object for the sample property, and you passed it an array. 

Thanks for the answer Tim.

But then what’s the best way to return on an action a list o items (array)?


For exemple a list of available cars on a dealership? It’s not on Search?


A lot of my early headaches with developing custom Zapier integrations was that I didn’t take the time (and honestly didn’t have it..) to really dig into the documentation to understand how the Zapier platform works under the hood.

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Hey Buka!

Christian here from Zapier's Platform Support team to confirm that Tim is absolutely correct.

In the schema documentation that Tim has kindly linked, we can see that the `sample` key is defined as requiring the `object` data type.

If you would like to return an array of items, you can assign the array to a property of the returned object - for example:

sample: {
classes: [
{name: "Test1"},
{name: "Test2"}

In this example, `sample` is an object containing the property `classes`, which contains an array of objects.

I hope this proves helpful!