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Action works but a zap says Bargle!

  • 30 May 2020
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Hi just trying to create my first actions and zap here so I might be missing something big so bear with me :-)

When creating my action in the UI it looks good and all test just work.

But when I create a Zap out of my action using Google Sheets as a trigger it, it fails with “Bargle. We had trouble getting a matching lookup. :-(” and no logs that can guide me in any meaningful way!

I have no idea where the problem lies..


So this is what I have at the moment in few steps to make it clear what I´m doing



  1. My google sheet 
  2. Where I hook that up to my action 
  3. I “Test and Review” with the data my action picks up from the sheet (so that works)


  4. And hitting “Test & Review”  I get this… “Bargle. We ad trouble getting a matching lookup. :-(



What does this mean? Is it on my end, google end or zapier end? Here the UI is massively missing logs...


For more information creating my action seems to be just fine like shown below



where the response is this JSON array 





Because of all my troubles with the UI and its lack of logs, test and power I tried to convert this to an CLI but that’s also broken


Hope you can help


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3 replies

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For others hitting this my problem was that the UI validated just fine. My API was returning an array.. BUT

it looked like this








When it needed to have a strongly typed property, or something like this here




        "id": "4de6dfa0-8f5e-428a-a1ae-313290b054e8",

        "name": "341243",

        "probability": 100




I hope the UI validation will be fixed so somebody else won’t have this problem.

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hmmm sorry for being totally dense right now… I know that need the “Lookup value” to be in this case “Iceland” and Property Name “Population” for my action to return a value. The lookup value cant be “population” at least.


So I think its doing it correctly… picking up a new row where I tell it witch column goes where…


See here.


Just like what is picked up and shown when I press continue



Sorry if I’m misunderstanding you but I am finding the UI builder sourly lacking logs of just about any kind!

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Hey in that zap you’re highlight - I know it might seem strange at first when just beginning to use Zapier, but the lookup value is the value you are searching for - So you’re doing a vertical lookup instead of a horizontal one.

If you change this to say “Population” it will find what you’re looking for: