GA4 Source/Medium/Campaign to Pipedrive (using Zapier)

  • 10 September 2023
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I have the following automation that I need to do through Zapier and I haven’t yet figured out how:

  • Automatically add a Google Analytics Source, Medium and Campaign field to a Lead in Pipedrive Inbox
  • The purpose is to find out if a lead in Pipedrive came for example from a Google Ads campaign (and the campaign name from GA4 gets automatically attached to the lead)

What I’ve done so far:

  • Created Custom fields in Pipedrive for GA4 Source; GA4 Campaign; GA4 Medium
  • Tried to create a new Trigger in Zapier “New Conversion Event in Google Analytics 4”. 
  • Filtered to only include “Free Trial” leads
  • GA4 does not send any data about “Source”; “Medium” or “Campaign” through with the Conversion event. Which meant that the “Update deal” Action was impossible to do - I want to update the deal with source/campaign/medium fields from GA4 but GA4 does not send that information through.
  • The only connection right now is the timestamp. (Create time from GA4, Lead Created date from Pipedrive). 

Additional ideas:

Tried to experiment with Webhooks as brought out in this post: 

I successfully managed to create Webhooks this way to send information FROM Pipedrive TO Google Analytics 4 (Creating events when switching deal statuses in Pipedrive for example), but not vice versa.

I would need to create a Webhook that sends information FROM Google Analytics 4 TO Pipedrive. Does anyone have experience with that? Is it possible to use GET call with GA4?

Any help would be much appreciated. 

1 reply

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