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Search or write action

  • 29 April 2022
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I can see that Mailchimp have an action “Search or write” 


How do you create such an action with Zapier CLI?
The only action-types that are available in the CLI script are trigger|search|create|resource.



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4 replies

I’ve noticed that this is available when making actions via the Zapier UI.
But I’m working with Zapier CLI and can’t seem to find any information about this in the manual.

Does anybody know if this is possible with Zapier CLI?

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Hi @Development Flexmail 

Seeing that you are a developer, it's best to reach out to us through a dedicated contact form within the Developer platform, located here:

There, the appropriate team would assist you with this.

However, the ‘Search or Write’ action is under the ‘Search’ action type. You should be able to specify how you want the app to function when an item cannot be found.

As I mentioned, the dedicated team that you can contact from the developer platform would assist you better on this.

I hope that helps.

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@Development Flexmail  A quick way to grok search or create in the CLI is to have a look at the schema: There you’ll find that search or create is just an object that pairs a search and a create that you’ve configured separately.  Once configured you’ll reference that object in the searchOrCreates key to your app object alongside your triggers, actions, auth, etc.. That’ll instruct the Zap Editor to link those two operations together for the user.

There’s a simple example here:

Let us know if that doesn’t get you up and running!

Ok, thnx.
I’ve mailed with and they gave me the same answer.