Zoom New Meeting Registrant and New Registrant (webinar) IDs not coming through

In the test data Zoom is returning unique IDs as expected.  These match actual API queries.  When the actual data comes in the ID is replaced with the webinar ID.


Test Data ID: zb2y7tbGTC283ZqFc4Lvsg

API (JWT) ID: zb2y7tbGTC283ZqFc4Lvsg

Live Zap incoming ID: 82649343907


This of course bombs the zap since the ID returned isn’t unique, it’s just the webinar ID.  Azure won’t take non-unique IDs.

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Hi @RaganComms 


You might want to go to Edit Zap and load more test data. This should retrieve actual data. 


In some cases the app will return fake test data that doesn't map as expected when the zap is on. Now that it's on, you should be able to get better data to map. 

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Is this error happening when you’re setting up the Zap or when the Zap is live?