Zoho sign getting document fields as line items

  • 4 August 2023
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I’m trying to Get Document Form Data in Zoho Sign and can’t figure out why everything is in comma delimited values. Every single field I have in my Zoho sign document is labeled properly and uniquely.

When I create the next step and try to place the data into the Zap I get this



Those are all individual fields.

how am I supposed to work with that?

4 replies

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Hi @JustJace 

Good question.

The data from Zoho Sign comes as an array with line items for each value.

As a result, Zapier pre-parses these data points into how you see them.

For example, these are all the field labels.

There will be another data point that has all of the field values.


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A possible workaround would be to configure a webhook in Zoho Sign:

Zap trigger: Webhook - Catch Hook

This will generate the unique webhook url to configure in Zoho Sign.

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by preparsing the data points into how I see them, doesn’t that limit what apps I can integrate with? I would need to dump this into something that was capable of line items after I formatted it, and as I can tell there aren’t many apps that axcept line items


as for the webhook, it doesn’t get the fields from within the document, so it is useless.


is there some other way I am not knowledeable of to sort the data into a useable format other than formatter?

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Apps structure and send data differently.

This is a unfortunate byproduct with how Zoho Sign structures their data.

You can try using the Formatter > Utilties > options related to line items.


Otheriwse, it will involved an advanced approach to get the raw JSON from Zoho Sign to be able to parse thru that using custom Code.