Zoho Desk error: The app returned `{"message":"The data is invalid due to validation restrictions-/contactId"}

  • 29 November 2022
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I try to setup a Zap between Intercom and Zoho Desk. It works find when the trigger is set to a new ticket, but when I set the trigger to be when the conversation closes, then it somehow does not return to Zoho with anything. 


I get this troubleshoot message:

The app returned `{"message":"The data is invalid due to validation restrictions-/contactId"} What happened: Executing creates.create_ticket.operation.perform with bundle {"message":"The data is invalid due to validation restrictions-/contactId"} Console logs: Custom field URL ---> Response Code : 200 Cust fields {} Add Ticket {"departmentId":"124014000000007061","contactId":"282905000000104001","subject":"Intercom Ticket","description":"<p>Test nummer 3</p>\n\nSe online her:","assigneeId":"124014000000185001","channel":"Chat","classification":"-None-","customFields":{}} ` as error, which we cannot read.

3 replies

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Hi @Jonas2001 


Can you post some screenshots of your zap so we can help you better? 


The error is in Intercom or Zoho? What is the Action? 



I changed the Zap to trigger when a new conversation is initiated, and that works fine (Before it were when the conversion was closed). 


The issue were, that when I had “new conversion is closed” as a trigger it could get the full message body. So I couldn’t see what the person wrote on Intercom and what we replied. 


The solution I have now with the mention above is limited to only be sending the first message initiated to Zoho Desk, so not the full conversation. 


Anyway, to answer your question. I don’t have a screenshot anymore as I changed the flow. I would be happy to help regenerate the flow for the purpose of sending to you. 

I do think the issue is with Intercom. It was only the “message body” it couldn’t sent over to Zoho Desk when having “new conversation closed” as trigger. So I believe it only was this data variable that was mistaken. 


Let me know if you want me to recreate the flow. 

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Hi @Jonas2001! It’s up to you, if you would like to see if you can get the full conversation over please try to recreate so @MohSwellam or someone on our team can take a look. If anyone can give you great advice on this, it’s him 😌