Zoho CRM "Create Lead" isn't an option for me in the type of event I'm trying to create

  • 11 August 2023
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I’m on a premium trial subscription, and I see on under actions - more - there’s a “Create A Lead” category that I would like to use in my event type as I’m creating a Zap. That category is not available in the options for me under Event Type, and I’m trying to figure out how to get it to show up. The trial subscription shouldn’t have anything to do with it?


I’m noticing a lot of other Actions that I’m not seeing as options on my setup.

3 replies

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Hi there @KarinaDReg,

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The “Create Lead” action in Zoho CRM is under the “Create Module Entry” or “Create/Update Module Entry” actions.

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Hopefully, this helps! 😊

Great thank you! So I’ve tried to put in the types of data that my current leads in Zoho will need, but I’m unclear as to how to get it to check duplicate fields, and what type of trigger I’m creating. 



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Hi @KarinaDReg! 👋

For the Trigger field:
If you want to run a specific Zoho CRM trigger when a Module is created/updated by the Zap you’d select that trigger in the trigger field. Otherwise you should be fine to leave that Trigger field blank. 

For the duplicate check fields:
It looks like the Layout field has a number of OnceHub fields selected, instead of a specific Zoho CRM layout. I suspect that might be what’s preventing the duplicate check fields from being able to load.

Can you try the following:

  • Clear the selected fields from the Layout field.
  • Click on the Layout option to switch back from the selected Custom value option, then select the relevant layout from the list of available options instead. For example:
  • Then click into the duplicate check fields to see if you’re then able to load the desired field.

Can you give the above a try and let us know how it goes?