Zapping bookings/Time off into Resource Guru

  • 12 January 2023
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Hi, has anyone had any success setting up a zap which transfers new bookings or time off days into Resource Guru, where the resource name is in the table which the zap is triggered from, and new bookings/time off could arise for any employee? 

At the moment when I try set this up, I have to select the resource name from a dropdown list of resources when setting up the zap, such that all new bookings would go to that employee, regardless of the employee name listed in the source table.

I tried changing to a custom resource name when setting up the zap, but get an error 404 when I select the name field in my source table for this. Someone suggested using the resource guru assigned IDs and adding this column to my source table, to use as a custom ‘resource’ value, but I can’t find how to extract this list from Resource Guru, and I’m not sure if this would work as the resource guru IDs aren’t listed along with resource name in the drop down list I am given.

Any ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks! :)

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2 replies

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Hi @zapsupport123 

Good question.

In order for us to have proper context, please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured, thanks.

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Hey @zapsupport123! It looks like you’ve since written into our support team about this and they responded by saying:

To make sure I'm understanding correctly, you want the resource to change if the trigger changes? For example, I see that there are different forms available to select in your trigger, so it sounds like you want the resource to change when a different form is selected, is that correct? If so, it looks like separate Zaps will need to be created for different forms, and then the resource type that needs to be selected would be the one that corresponds with that form. It isn't possible to change the trigger set up automatically, it would need to be done manually. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if any other questions arise as you’re getting set up!