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Zapier LinkedIn Throttling

  • 25 July 2020
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How have folks managed the Zapier + LinkedIn Throddeling issue? 

Looking back at our blackout periods there were many times when the Zapier email alerts did not correspond to the start of the blackout period.

Context: We got a few email alerts that had “429 errors when calling GET, expected 2xx.”

When we investigated it seems no task had been stopped or halted so we ignored the error. 

In conducting audits we found several discrepancies from Linkedin Lead Gen forms to the tasks that had run in Zapier. In the task history, we have a massive gaps where no tasks had come through but we had record nu,ber of Linkedin converstions.


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9 replies

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Hi @asam_ss - Thanks for reporting this bug. I have gone ahead and alerted our team in charge of this integration, so that they can review this issue further. While I can't provide an ETA for when this issue might be resolved, we will reach out to you via email once it is.

Hey @steph.n any update on this issue? We are getting this issue as well. 

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Hi @mgraham ,

Sorry you are running into this! I have added you as an impacted user so that you will receive updates via email. 

It seems that because this is an intermittent issue that our subsequent polling attempts will pull in any data that was missed so hopefully minimal impact to data/workflows. That being said, the team will be in touch as they continue to work on this!

Add me to the list too if you don’t mind @Liz_Roberts. I have had this issue a few times over the last couple months and just got the same error today.

Add me to the list too please have the same problem!

I’m having the same issue as of today!

@steph.n  can we also be added to this list?  We are periodically seeing this issue.

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Hello @Kaden @Leks @Jonthan33 @Megan Gallagher - You’ve been all added to the list. Thank you!

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Hey everyone! Just leaving a quick (if somewhat belated) update here to confirm that this issue was closed back in November last year! :)

That said, if you’re still having issues with throttling, please contact our Support team so that they can investigate further.