Zapier filter not working correctly after task is moved to "Approved" or "Rejected" section in Asana

  • 5 July 2023
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I am using Zapier to implement an approval process using Google Forms, Sheets, Asana and Gmail.


With Zapier my Google Forms entries are (through Google Sheets) transitioned to a task in Asana and the integrated feature “Asana Rules” turns the newly created tasks into an approval task. If the task then gets approved or rejected it will automatically be moved (by Asana rules) to the respective section within my project called “Approved” or “Rejected”.

All of this works perfectly.


Now I am trying to use a Zap to inform the person that submitted the request whether their request has been approved or rejected.
My trigger event is “Updated Task in Project” and is followed by “Filter by Zapier” to filter if the “Data Membership Section Id” fits either to the one connected to the “Approved”-section or the “Rejected”-section. After that “Formatter by Zapier” extracts the matching email address that should be informed and in the end there is a simple send mail action. 


Problem: I have no idea why but my Zap runs are (not always but most of the time) stopped by the “Filter by Zapier” action. In my Zap History it says the section Id is still the one assigned to “still to approve” although the task has already been moved to for example “approved”.

Did I do anything wrong? If not do you have an idea how I could make this entire process easier?


Thanks for your help,


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Hi @Noah numn 

Good question.

We will need to see detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured to have enough context.

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Hey Troy, thank you for your very fast reply. Here are some Screenshots of my Zap Actions. 

For data protection reasons I have to make the Asana IDs unrecognizable. The parent project ID is the red “1.” and the section ID is red “2.”, I really hope that makes any sense.


Zap trigger
example task that is in the approved section

This is the filter I use
In my history nearly all runs look like this, the numbers don’t match
Even tho the task in question is in the correct section in asana.




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@Noah numn 

We would need to be able to see the actual data values evaluated in the Filter step of the Zap Run.