Zap won't deliver emails (integration of Squarespace to Google Sheets to new MailerLite)


I created an integration of a newsletter signup form on squarespace, which collects data into a google form, and then the zap is supposed to transfer the confirmed email to a group in mailerlite. Everything works great. The emails show up in zap after confirmation but it has been over 24 hours and it doesn’t show up in the group on mailerlite. I’m sure this is because I’m new and this is free. I’ve now tested it with all four of my emails. I read somewhere on the community that it won’t work for repeat emails. Help!

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Hey there @Melinda Curtis,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Before we dig deeper into this, would you mind sharing a detailed screenshot with how your Zap is configured? Please don’t include/blur out any personal information in the screenshot.

Thanks! 😊

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Hi @Melinda Curtis 

Good question.

Make sure you are using the newest MailerLite Zap app.

Help article:

Best to provide screenshots to help give us context.

Here are the screenshots...

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Hi @Melinda Curtis 

Hopping in to see if I can help, hope you don’t mind!

In your first post, you mentioned Squarespace and Google Forms, but I saw in the screenshots that the trigger is Google Sheets. Is that right, or should the trigger app be different?

You are right. It is Google Sheets. I misspoke #newbie

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Hey there @Melinda Curtis,

I looked at the screenshot, and it seems like there’s a mapped “Name” data on the “Email” field in the MailerLite step. Could you please try removing the mapped “Name” data? Like so:

(view larger)

Please give that a try, and keep us posted.

Thanks! 😊

This worked! Thank you!!


Can you clarify why that wouldn’t work? Because it was the email field? If I want to import the names, should I put that in a different box?




Thanks for all your help!


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Hi @Melinda Curtis 

Hopping in to see if I can help.

Yes, that’s correct. The email field requires email addresses only.

Let me know if you have other questions.